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Exercise and stay healthy: 

Many of us are fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger for his bodybuilding. At 63, he is still taking care of his body. That said, his physical condition is still the same as before. So bodybuilding can be done at any age. There is no specific age for this. There is no substitute for healthy eating and regular exercise.


Exercise requires proper nutrition and a training plan. These are different for every human being. Because, the nutrition and training plan must be done giving priority to lifestyle, eating habits, body composition, height, weight, etc. of the person. Therefore, just as shoes bought for one person do not fit on the foot of another, neither is one's diet and training plan suitable for another person in the case of exercise. In addition, care must be taken with the use of gym equipment and shoes.


This series is divided into four episodes. The first two episodes show exercises for the upper body and the last two episodes focus on exercises for the lower body. In the third episode we saw four lower body exercises. In the fourth episode we will see the training of the lower body and the hamstrings.


The first lower body workout will be push-ups. For this we will use the leg curl machine. You have to start out light, you can increase the weight later if you want. Start the workout with three sets. The rep will be 12 or 15. At first, you should use one leg in this workout. You have to change legs in each series, that is, once the left leg and once the right leg. Time must remember, there can be no rush. Slowly move your legs. Otherwise, the muscles on the back of the foot may be strained.


The next exercise is the cut squat. This training should also be done in three series, where the repetition will be 12 times. We need to make sure that the hips and neck do not lift off the bench of the machine.


Legs should be slightly open during training. This workout should be done following the leg press posture of the machine. This time, it can't be rushed either; Rather, all training should be done slowly.


The next training will be without using any type of instrument. This is called bodyweight baggage training. Before doing this exercise, it is important to remember that body control is very important in this case. Especially the position of the feet must be kept correct. And every time you bend over, make sure your knees almost touch the ground. But it cannot be fully grasped or crowded to the ground.


In this, both legs are exercised simultaneously. This workout should be done in one set for each leg with 12 reps. That means you have to repeat 24 times for two legs. The total set will be three. Apparently, this exercise is very simple. But it is difficult to kill him with proper control. Because, if the control is not correct, there will be no benefit from doing this exercise.


The next exercise will be done without any type of machine. In this case only dumbbells will be used. This exercise is called the Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift. This is quite a complex exercise. In this case, body control is also very important. The body should be controlled by standing firmly on both feet. Each set of this workout should be done 20 times. And the set will be three.


Repetition can be increased towards the end of the workout. During this workout, keep in mind that there is no rush. Sit down and get up slowly. However, the eyes will be on the front throughout. You also require to be alert when placing the dumbbell at the end of the workout. Because the dumbbells cannot be kept completely hunched over. This should also be done in a training manner.


1.         Practice walking for 20 to 30 minutes every day.


2.         Try resistance training three to four days a week.


3.         Try to include more fiber foods in your diet.



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