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Control uric acid with just four exercises:

When uric acid accumulates in our body, it accumulates in the joints in the form of crystals or granules. As a result, the joints become inflamed, the joints become red and swollen, and there is severe pain. This condition is called gout. Therefore, the amount of uric acid in the body must be controlled.

Kidney disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome tend to have increased uric acid. Foods that increase uric acid should be eaten in moderation. These foods include red meat (beef, goat, etc.), alcohol, legumes, beans, barbati, kachu, lati, punishak, tomato, cauliflower, etc.

In case of excessive uric acid level or inflammation in the joints, the drug should be taken on the advice of a rheumatologist. Also, physical therapy is quite effective in reducing pain. In this case, the advice of a qualified physical therapist should be followed.

These are the exercises that help reduce uric acid.
1. Aerobic exercise: walking, jogging, cycling, or dancing can be good exercises. At first, you should do these exercises for 10 minutes. Then gradually increase the time to 45 minutes five days a week. In addition to trying to maintain the appropriate weight.

2. Swimming: You have to swim 15 minutes two days a week. Gradually increase the time from 30 to 45 minutes.

3. Stretching: First you have to move your wrists and turn them over. Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise for 30 seconds. Do this exercise 10 times. Then try rotating or moving the shoulder joint and other joints in the same way. Do the exercise 10 times for 30 seconds on each joint.

4. Support the feet: Sit down and try to support the feet with both hands with the legs straight. Hold for 30 seconds and sit upright again. Do this 10 times.

Also, ice or cold compresses work well to reduce joint pain or swelling. Excess uric acid should be taken with the advice of a doctor.


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