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Seven ways to deal with corona anxiety:

The coronavirus may be new. But its prevalence has shaken part of our innate primitive consciousness. Managing fear, panic, or anxiety is a primitive human habit. That is why it is important to face it with courage without recoiling from fear. Mental health experts say it's normal to be anxious in such situations. But when anxiety is high in the situation, it is surrounded by fear and frustration. That's when you start to feel helpless.

To live in Corona you have to stay home, you have to stick to social distance, you have to keep your hands clean, you have to wear a mask. These must be obeyed. But the thought that works, how long does it last? Every day new news, which increases anxiety. Panic is very contagious, so stay calm. Here are seven tips to help you deal with anxiety. The CDC and mental health experts have said they will follow this advice.

1.         Accept the concerns of the mind. This is normal in Corona situations, it can be anxious. A little shortness of breath, why do you worry so much when dhukapuka chest? Calm the mind. Everything will be fine. However, if you deny anxiety, if you maintain it, it is difficult to get out of this problem, but sit quietly. Multiply from 1 to 10 as you inhale and exhale. Move your mind to the other side, you will see that little by little you are improving.

2.         Unplug the electronics. Repeatedly watching news on television, surfing the Internet, what is the need to do a Google search? Reduce this habit. Since things unsettle you, why watch the news day and night, watch the video? If you don't know, watch or hear the news once or twice a day. Scroll through social media, like Facebook or anything else, at scheduled times, without having to unnecessarily chop your hands.

3.         Accept the truth without rumors or imaginary thoughts. It is true that you cannot sit face down in the sand. All these rumors float on social networks, false information arrives, which confuses people. Unnecessary fear leads. Because, many present it credibly. Remember, most of these are hearsay and propaganda. Why only in this country? This is happening in every country in the world. So listen to the news from reliable sources. Don't believe those rumors. Look, the anxiety will go down.

4.         Get some exercise every day according to the rules. You can exercise sitting at home. In that case, the excellent exercise is jumping rope, jogging in the right place, gardening on the terrace. If you are in a high-rise building or flat, why not go up and down the stairs, lower a book in the living room, carry two full bottles of water in your hand, dance? And yoga, pranayama will also be excellent. Gerasthali's job is to cook but also to exercise. These commitments will blow your mind.

5.         Add O Yet, Close O Free. Incarceration does not mean incarceration. Take advantage of this opportunity in another way. It is a new experience, living life differently. Getting closer to everyone in the house, family life with spouse, children, parents, siblings. Never before has such a life existed. Home is not exciting? Eating together, mischief, what not! And make video calls, chat with friends. Have a live session on the patio to zoom or stream. New technologies will also be taught.

6.         Follow the daily rules. House arrest does not mean that we are "obeying any law." Although reckless, he is not rebellious. You have to wake up on time and sleep well. The routine of the day will continue as before.

7.         Why do you think the void will come? Don't get drunk from home. Enjoy with everyone. And I want to sleep seven or eight hours.

8.         Not weak morals. Remember, this period of anxiety is not permanent. One day the cloud of anxiety will pass, the light of liberation will be seen. Wait. There is a sense of waiting. You're not alone. This time of misery has come for everyone. It can be cut over time. The Corona vaccine has arrived for the people of the country. Many have already been vaccinated. Someone is waiting. However, even if you get vaccinated, you will follow the hygiene rules. Mask, physical distance, wash hands with soap and water - follow them yourself.

The day the government of the country reports that there is no crown, the Bihanga day will be free. Stay in that new normal life. Now say from the heart: "We will win."


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