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Can we exercise after the mask:

Masks are now mandatory. This is the age without a mask, without service. This is because the crown is protected against infection. People of all ages have to wear masks during this time, all the time. It is very important to maintain good health during the coronation. Since there is a deep connection with eating habits, there is also a close relationship with physical exercise.

But often a question arises: is it possible to exercise after the mask? Because, some people have shortness of breath while exercising and walking after the mask. Also, since the nose and mouth are covered, it is believed that extra energy must be expended to inhale air into the lungs.

It's not that scientists or experts don't think about it. On the contrary, people have been thinking about it since the beginning of the coronavirus infection. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has instructed not to wear a mask while exercising. Because, according to them, people will not be able to breathe normally. However, scientists do not agree with this statement.

But is it that simple? This question is also emerging. Recent studies on the response of the mask to the cardiovascular system (heart, lungs and blood vessels) in physical activity have shown that many people exercise comfortably after the mask, without any problems. In that case, if you wear a mask, there will be no problem.

Susan Hopkins, an exercise physiologist at the University of California, San Diego, believes that wearing a mask during exercise, exercise, or any physical activity has little effect on oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, which is not acceptable. .

Susan Hopkins and her co-investigators have covered their faces with different types of veils. These include surgical masks, Ennify Five, and factory masks. However, they both feel that there is still room for such an audit.

Susan Hopkins and her colleagues believe that healthy people will have no problem exercising after wearing a mask. Some people may feel uncomfortable. Especially those who are not used to wearing masks. However, in addition to taking oxygen while wearing a mask, you also take in some carbon dioxide, but researchers have ensured that there is nothing to worry about.

However, those with illnesses like asthma are different. Naturally, they are quite squeamish.

Therefore, the point is that after the mask, any healthy and strong person, man or woman, will have no problem exercising.


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