Learn the 13 most important symptoms of depression. | Symptoms of depression

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Learn the 13 most important symptoms of depression.

Everyone is upset from time to time. However, being frustrated for a long time and not being able to get out of there is a sign of depression. Depression can have a devastating effect on a person's feelings and daily activities.

The WebMD health website reports on some of the symptoms of depression. Let's find out:

01)      Trouble concentrating, forgetting, and having trouble making decisions.

02)      Constant fatigue

03)      Feeling guilty, helpless

04)      Being frustrated and hopeless

05)      Trouble sleeping, waking up too early, or sleeping too much

06)      Inconvenience

07)      Feeling tired all the time

08)      Aversion to choice work, aversion to sex

09)      Eating too much or eating too little

10)      Digestive problems even after treatment.

11)      Body aches, headaches, that won't heal

12)      Feeling bad, anxious, feeling "empty" in the long run

13)      Suicidal thoughts or attempts

When to be alert?

15% of depressed people are suicidal. This type of thinking occurs when depression enters a complex state.

01        If someone constantly talks about suicide or death.

02)      Depression (very bad mood, aversion to everything, trouble sleeping and eating) worsens.

03)      Repeatedly saying things like "I'd be better" or "I should go."

04)      Wanting to see a close friend or loved one in a hurry. If you see these problems in someone, see a psychiatrist right away.

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