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 Everyone should avoid these foods in hot weather.

Summer appeared in its own glory. So the temperature is rising. It is not very comfortable. Even if you or I have no hands in this nature climate, you or I can get relief by eating.

Boldsky, a lifestyle and health website in India, reports that avoiding certain foods in the summer is good for everyone. Let's find out now:


Many people drink alcohol with ice for relief in the summer. However, remember that alcohol quickly raises your body temperature. Alcohol can cause dehydration in the summer, lowering immunity. It can cause various diseases. Therefore, alcohol should be avoided in summer.

Hot drinks

the majority people start the day with coffee or tea. Although this habit provides relief, drinking coffee and tea regularly in summer raises your body temperature and can cause dehydration. at this moment in time you can have green tea or iced coffee.

Fatty foods

Fatty and junk foods, such as extra fried foods, are not considered healthy. It is harmful not only in summer, but in everyone. Eating fatty foods in hot weather will increase body temperature and lower immunity.

Fried meat (tandoori)

In the summer many people celebrate Barbecue Night on the rooftops. However, grilled meat is cooked at high temperatures. This type of food can be harmful to health when the weather outside is warm. This will raise your body temperature. It even increases the risk of cancer.


the majority sauces and processed foods contain high levels of salt, preservatives, and artificial flavors, such as MSG. If you eat it regularly, your body temperature will rise. It can harm health.

The temperature will maintain to go up in the coming days. That is why it is important to change eating habits. Fruits and vegetables cool the body.


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