What are the physical problems that overeating can cause and its easy remedy ? | Overeating

Overeating What are the physical problems that overeating can cause and its easy remedy?

The invitation is part of our society. Avoiding it means being separated from society. You have to go to Dawa, but you have to eat in moderation. Having this attitude can keep you healthy. But many are in danger of going to a party or overeating at home. Overeating often can cause diarrhea, indigestion, nausea or vomiting, gastritis, heartburn, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, or headaches. For those with heart or kidney problems, their condition may be more serious. Because the food of the invitation means Gurupak. A combination of more and more oil, butter, sugar, salt and spices.


Self-control is important in this case to control yourself. It is also seen that after eating at the wedding in the evening, he rushes back to the hospital at night. If the level of sugar in food is high, then it is good to eat, but then it is called fatigue in the body. Also, if you have too much milk, chicken, banana, fish, etc. in your diet, you may feel drowsy. If you want to avoid them, you must eat food knowingly. To avoid indigestion, you should not eat too much food without chewing. Eating extra sour, salty, spicy sugar should be avoided. Eating more milk, cheese, chocolate, ice cream, wheat flour, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks increases the problem of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).


If you overeat, take a little walk. If you eat more than once, it is advisable to fast the next time. If you have to eat alone, you can have a salad mixed with sour yogurt or vinegar and black pepper. You can also eat vegetable soup, green tea, low sugar fruits.


If you eat more, you will get relief by drinking water boiled in ginger-cinnamon, peppermint tea, water mixed with vinegar-salt, or water soaked in Jain. Eating raw papaya salad will also be beneficial. Many people drink sodas for digestion. In fact, sodas are not digestive drinks. It is made with various acids. As phosphoric acid, citric acid, malic acid, or tartaric acid. The effect of these acids is to increase acidity. In fact, drinking carbonated beverages causes big hits. This makes the stomach feel lighter as some air comes out of the stomach. But digestion has nothing to do with this drink. Stop eating when you feel like you can eat a little more after you start eating. Discomfort at first due to overeating without stone, then taking digestive pills is not a good thing. If you want to get out of these problems, you must eat the right food at the right time. It is better not to eat too much.

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