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Why eat melons, their benefits and qualities

Why eat melons, their benefits and qualities.

Summer fruit flowers or melons. In different regions, the name is changed to Kharmuj, Kankur or Bani. The short and elongated variety is called Chinal. Melons are quite large in size. Raw fruits are green, yellow when ripe. Recently, netizens are divided on the taste of melons. Not so sweet in taste. So one group says, "Why eat this?" Another group has this yellow fruit on their favorites list. Fragrant melons with common flavor but unique in nutrition. The market is now in full swing as a result of this. Since it is unmatched in nutritional value, it would be wrong to neglect melons; Instead, you can put it in your mouth for additional nutrition.

The fruit is produced in large quantities in different parts of Bangladesh. There are two main varieties of melons in the country, sandy and clay melons. The shell of the sand gourd is smooth. The shell is very thin, the shell needs some sand to eat. Not so sweet. On the other hand, the shell of the clay gourd is crunchy, a bit stiff, and relatively sweet.

Bangi is full of water. It is rich in vitamin C, sugars and a little carotene. Before eating, let's discover the nutrition of melons.

1)        Pomegranate contains a lot of folic acid, which helps make blood. Therefore, for people, especially pregnant mothers, melons are especially beneficial.

2)        There is no fat in melons. Those who suffer from excessive body weight can eat this fruit without hesitation. The role of melons is essential to reduce body weight and control high blood pressure.

3)        Pomegranate contains high levels of beta-carotene and vitamin C. Beta-carotene and vitamin C help the body heal wounds faster.

4)        The amount of sugar in melons is very low, so diabetics can eat comfortably.

5)        Pomegranates contain a lot of water, which helps maintain proper body temperature in the heat.

Pomegranates are rich in dietary fiber, which helps digest food and increases digestion.

6)        Sunburn, Summer Boil, Heat Hyperpyrexia are for extra heat and sun. Pomegranate juice helps prevent these diseases.

7)        Eggplant helps prevent heartburn, ulcers, insomnia, anorexia and bone fragility in women. It also helps strengthen men's bones. This fruit also has the ability to remove fatigue from the mind.

8)        Melons prevent the appearance of age spots on the skin and skin wrinkles. Crush the pumpkin and mix it with honey and apply it on the skin for 20 minutes. With regular use you will get glowing and beautiful skin.

9)        For those who suffer from skin acne or eczema, melons are much more beneficial. Blend the melons, sift them in a fine cloth and remove the rostuku. You can use this juice as a lotion. This will protect you from acne and eczema.

10)      Vitamin B is an important ingredient in insanitol, which helps us grow new hair and prevents hair loss. This ingredient is abundant in melons. Touching melons regularly makes hair healthy and beautiful.

Also, it is very useful for pregnant mothers. Regular consumption of watermelon juice eliminates anorexia, insomnia, ulcers and heartburn. Now the decision is in your hands, whether to eat melons or not.

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