Take care of the face and skin with water

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Take care of the face and skin with water.

Many people have forgotten the importance of water in skin care due to the violence of the Bahari language in our society. Even many people do not know how to clean the skin without cosmetics. Even water is an alternative to rejuvenate the skin. However, in this case, we have to mix something with water that is a known material. And that can change the difficult situation of damaged skin. Again, if you want additional benefits, you can mix it with other ingredients.

It will also retain moisture and nourish the skin. According to aesthetic experts, the use of any type of artificial cosmetics should be suspended for at least 15 days at any time of the year, especially in hot climates. At this time, instead of cosmetics, various water mixtures can be used. From cleansing the skin to moisturizing, everything can be done with this water. You can also comply with water detox therapy. The skin will be pollution-free, fresh and beautiful.

Acne is a very common skin problem. So if you don't take care of it at the right time, the problem can increase many times. Whatever you do for this, while heating the water, add clean neem leaves and mint leaves. Bring the water to a boil in a clean container, add a few drops of T-tree oil, and soak the skin in the steam. However, in this case, care must be taken so that the skin does not feel excessively hot.

You can mix aloe vera gel, cucumber or potato juice with cold water mixed with ice. Cleanse the face well with this mixture. It will restore moisture to dry skin and be free from contamination.

It is important that everyone moisturizes the skin twice a day. So make a moisturizer out of water. Mix the same amount of water and glycerin in a spray bottle and leave it for a few hours. And then spray the mixture on your face twice a day. It will work great as an alternative to synthetic moisturizers.

Ice should be made in the ice tray that is kept in everyone's home refrigerator. You can mix lemon, watermelon or papaya juice or pulp in that water while freezing this ice. And once the mixture has solidified, cleaning the face with ice mixed with that ingredient will remove excess oil from the skin and keep the skin fresh for a long time. And it also cares for the face and skin with water.

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