How can we keep your skin healthy and beautiful through proper diet?

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How can we keep our skin healthy and beautiful through a proper diet?

Our daily eating habits affect the body and the skin.

There are some foods that cause discomfort and have a negative effect on the skin. In a report published in Times of, Indian aromatherapist and beauty expert Blossom Kochhar said: "We are advised to add some nutrients to keep our skin looking good."

* Vitamin A is an ideal and excellent ingredient for the skin. Nature itself provides the necessary vitamins for the skin seasonally. Carrots are an easy food in our country, so there is a lot of vitamin A. It helps reduce wrinkles and age marks in our body and maintains good skin quality forever. Also, our hair loss is a regular problem, this works much better to control hair growth.

* Legumes are a good source of the vitamin B complex that helps increase the radiance of the skin. It reduces the "pigmentation" of our skin and works well to remove dark spots around the eyes. It can be said that strangulation plays a useful role in improving overall health. Legumes are best eaten in the sprouted state and many nutrients can be obtained by eating them raw or cooked.

As vitamin C, the orange is the most popular and the most deserved. That is why we can always take vitamin C to keep the skin in good condition. Many times it helps to get rid of pigmentation, acne and even to illuminate our skin.

* Vitamin D and Vitamin E are extremely beneficial for the skin. It is also found in ghee, butter, or dried fruit and walnuts. It brightens the skin and is extremely effective in reducing dryness.

* The mineral content of green leafy vegetables is quite effective in eliminating toxins from our body and also helps a lot to increase the luminosity of the skin.

* Those who are more prone to acne should reduce the number of fatty foods and eating lots of fruits and vegetables is much better. Foods rich in vitamin B help reduce the tendency to acne.

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